About Us

We at Institute IRNAS Rače strive to apply the vast scientific knowledge to everyday reality by creating effective and affordable systems, as we believe in an open-source world and sharing. With the KORUZA project we aim to empower the world with a new free-space communication system that enables everyone without specialised knowledge to set up ultra-fast connections at a relatively low cost.

We are non-profit, rewarding the ones that create, always exploring new projects and ideas. Our work is published under open-source open-hardware licenses. We kindly ask you to support our efforts with donations, if you actively use more then one replication of our systems or it is a part of a process creating revenue. If you would like to manufacture and sell our designs under their original project names, get in touch.

In 2015 the project leader and idea developer Luka Mustafa - Musti has become the Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow, to work full-time on open-source development of wireless optical system KORUZA. This amazing and rare opportunity did enable us to focus our efforts in the next year on bringing the KORUZA system to everyone and creating many useful open-source solutions in the process. See the announcement.

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