Usefully open source
Modular design
Easy to modify & adapt
For scientific research and experimentation

KORUZA innovates the design of a free-space optical communication system reusing mass produced Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) electro-optical transceivers, combining the latest advances in low-cost 3D printing using the Fused Deposition Modelling (F DM) method with bare-minimum custom electronics design.

DIY friendly open-source release together with a complete kit of assembly parts as well as detailed instructions on how to properly assemble and test the system, is released. You can preorder kit at our partner company Fabrikor. KORUZA is fully documented on GitHub, using best practices of software design to allow colaborative editing.

If you're searching for Koruza for professional use, please check Koruza Pro.

KORUZA Features

Data transmission at a capacity of 1 Gbps

The capacity of 1 Gbps is sufficiently high to support large number of moderate users or basic access capacities and can thus be used to build much larger networks then with existing low cost wireless systems.

Capability of bridging a gap of 100m at 1Gbps with an optical link margin of 20dB

Low-cost SFP modules wavelength multiplexed for single-mode fibre use in the 1300nm – 1500nm range have proven to be cost/performance optimal design choice with approximately 20dB optical link margin and with less then 1dB attenuation over short range FSO paths.


While free-space optical technology has been around for decades, it has been always extremely expensive and built for enterprise and service provider markets. A novel and innovative approach to designing such system has been introduced, significantly reducing the engineering effort and material costs.

Open-source and open-hardware

Published under open-source open-hardware, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

3D Printable

Design relies on the use of low-cost 3D printing technique of hot extrusion of plastic materials, as it enables the construction of rigid mounting assemblies as well as precise micrometer grade precision linear and kinematic alignment modules.

Modular design

The fully modular mechanical design interconnected with stainless steel rods now enables modification for a variety of use cases. 3D printed parts are designed in OpenSCAD environment, enabling straightforward modification for everyone as well as simplified modification to insure a perfect fit on variety of 3D printers.

Urban environment communication backbone

Primarily designed for urban environments, where Wi-Fi networks suffer from RF spectrum congestion and deploying wired is extremely expensive. KORUZA is resilient to these problems as its light beam is highly collimated, thus numerous units can coexist in a dense urban area, where the demand for capacity is high and distances are relatively short.

FSO system testbed

Suitable for the scientific community to modify and adapt, creating a modifiable testbed and thus providing a platform for experimentation.



Wireless optical system KORUZA is documented on GitHub, using best practices of software design to allow colaborative editing.

It is is available in a number of GitHub repositories.

  • KORUZA – Here you can find all the plans for mechanical and electronic KORUZA parts.
  • koruza-pi – This is a KORUZA package for Raspberry Pi (user interface, measurements data collection, controller).
  • UniversalUnipolarStepperController – Here you can find documentation for universal controller for unipolar stepper motors with encoders and end switches.
  • koruza-testing – Test scripts for fuse in artificial fog tunnel and generalk testing, primary useful for scientific applications.

Assembly Instructions

Step by step assembly instructions on how to build KORUZA units, including photo tutorial, best to be used with a DIY KORUZA assembly kit available at Fabrikor

Bill of Material

Defines all parts required to assemble one KORUZA unit, two are required for a working link.

User Manual

Instructions on how to mount, power up the KORUZA system and establish a wireless optical link.

KORUZA Overview

Read this overview to get the basic understanding of the technical operation of KORUZA.


Here you can see the real time performance of deployed KORUZA links.

Assembled links and DIY KITS can be pre-ordered from our partner company Fabrikor. KIT includes all parts for building one wireless optical system KORUZA link (two units).

To build KORUZA units from DIY KIT you will need to follow step-by-step KORUZA assembly instructions, which are already published and online.


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